Online Services

Prescription Cut Off

Important reminder that from the middle of April you will not be able to order your repeat prescriptions electronically. You will need to either phone reception after 11am or put your prescription in the boxes in both entry ways. 

From 07/05/2024 to 18/05/2024 you will not be able to order repeat medication. If you are due for your prescription during this time please either order early or ask for a longer supply to last you over this period of time.

This is due to our system change. Any information between the dates above will not be transferred to our new system. Please help us to help you during this time by ensuring you have ordered your prescriptions in plenty of time. We will send reminder messages out to patients.

System Migration

If you have any issues accessing your online services app after 18.05.24 please contact us using our Contact us form and we will get back to you.