Clinical System Change - Important Information

We are changing clinical systems on the 16th of May. Please be aware of the following information that will affect our service over the next couple weeks:

  • From 6-16th of May all clinical information added to the old system will not automatically transfer to the new system.
  • During this time, we are not able to offer any routine, non-urgent appointments. We will continue to provide urgent medical care and we can be accessed in the usual way, but please be aware you may be asked to wait until the new system goes live if the issue is not considered to be urgent.
  • Any repeat medication will have been printed to be collected from reception – no repeat medication can be issued during this time; we have sent out reminder messages and issued over the usual monthly amount for some to cover this period.
  • We will have no access to the NHS spine which means that we cannot receive any letters from hospital or see any ongoing referrals, we will also not receive any test results.
  • From the 17th May we will be operating as close to normal as possible as we learn the new system.
  • All documents and results will come across to us in bulk so please bear with us as it may take time for us to get these added and filed to your record.
  • The online service may be offline for a few days after we have gone live, so please leave at least a week before contacting us via the form on our website.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding through this change. It will take us some time to get up to speed with the new system but are sure it will improve the way we work and the speed at which we receive information from other services.


We are a busy, friendly Practice close to the centre of Sheffield. Our clinical team comprises of 5 GPs, 2 Physician Associates, 3 Practice Nurses, 2 Healthcare Assistants and 3 Phlebotomists and they are supported by a number of administrative assistants. Additionally, we have an in house first contact Physiotherapist and Pharmacist. The Practice supports the training of new doctors and regularly has medical students from Sheffield University attached to the clinical team. As a team it is our aim to do all we can to support and promote the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Practice News

Find information on the latest things, like our upcoming clinical system change and other things happening in the community via our Practice News page.

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LAST MONTH (April 2024):

176 Patients did not attend booked appointments

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