Clinics and Services

Services provided include:

  • regular review for patients with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and respiratory diseases
  • smoking cessation advice
  • travel immunisations and advice
  • childhood immunisations
  • influenza and pneumonia vaccinations
  • cervical cytology (smear test)
  • sexual health advice including family planning and emergency contraception (morning after pill),
  • dietary and other lifestyle advice
  • blood tests
  • wound care
  • suture removal


Teenagers are welcome to consult a doctor or nurse in confidence about any problems including sexual health and contraception.


Contraception Services

We offer a full range of contraceptive services. This includes:

  • Emergency Contraception (The morning after pill)
  • The combined oral contraceptive pill ( "The Pill")
  • The Progestogen only pill (the Minipill)
  • Depo injection (the injectable contraceptive)
  • Contraceptive implant
  • Advice on diaphragms caps and condoms

For coils (IUD and IUS) please visit the Sexual Health Sheffield website.

Referrals can be arranged for:

  • Female Sterilisation
  • Vasectomy (male sterilisation)

How do I get contraception?

If you wish to start a new form of contraception for the first time please make an appointment with a Practice Nurse.

If you need emergency contraception please contact us as soon as possible. If you require this please tell the reception team so that they can arrange for you to speak to a clinician as soon as possible.

How do I get a repeat prescription of my contraception?

If you are established on any form of the pill or the injection, then you can arrange a pill check or an injection with one of the nurses. For most women using oral contraception we will need to see you every 6 months for your pill check. You will need to book a nurse appointment for your pill check.

What do I do if I would like an IUD (copper coil) or IUS (Mirena coil)?

We currently have no GP who can perform this procedure at the Practice.  Please visit Sexual Health Sheffield website for more details.

What do I do if I would like a contraceptive implant?

Dr Hannah Walch fit implants at the surgery.

Please contact the surgery and explain your request to the receptionist. The receptionist will ensure that you are added to the waiting list for implants. Please be aware that you may have to wait a couple of months before having the implant fitted. If you require alternative contraception whilst waiting please inform the receptionist who will make sure you are directed to a clinician who can arrange this for you.

Please be aware that Sexual Health Sheffield also offers a full contraception service.